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  • SIZE : Cow dung cakes of 2.5 inches. Compact and mini cakes, easy to handle and use. Available in pack of 40
  • COMPOSITON : Sun dried cow dung cakes. 100 % pure and natural. No added chemical ingredients.
  • HAVAN AND PUJA : Cow dungs are majorly used in "yagnas�, the scared fire is burnt using dried cow dung and ghee. It is said that burning cow dung with ghee is one of the best ways to purify air and ward off any evil energy around auspicious occasions.
  • AIR PURIFIER : Cow dung cakes are burnt to kill air microbes, germs and insects. They release oxygen and purify the atmosphere. They can be used as an alternative to dhoop and agarbatti. It is a great, economical insect repellant and disinfectant.
  • MANURE : Cow dung is rich in nutrients. Widely used as manure for plant growth. Just crush the cakes, add water and mix with soil. It will also increase quality of soil.

Cow Dung Cakes For Havan Pooja, Religious Ceremonies, Daily Prayers Pack Of 40

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