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Ikat handloom fabric is a unique and beautiful textile that has been crafted by skilled artisans for centuries. It is made using a resist dyeing technique, where individual threads are dyed before weaving. This creates a unique blurriness in the fabric that is distinctive from other weaves. Ikat fabrics are crafted by artisans from Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, and are highly sought after for its intricate patterns and textures.We have curated this beautiful pet-cessory for your furry friends from this classic textile of India.

This bandana is the perfect way to add festive touch to your pet's wardrobe. The sophisticated and unique patterns will make your pet the center of attention at any celebration


  • Made from traditional Ikat fabric. 
  • The material is lightweight, breathable and durable.
  • Easy to use slip-on bandanas. Just insert your pet' collar through the sleeve and you are good to go ! 
  • It is soft on skin, comfortable to wear even for long hours.
  • Available in different sizes. 
  • S size is suitable for puppies / cat or for small sized breeds like Shih Tzu, Dachshund, Pug, Beagle, Indies and similar sized breeds)
  • M-L is suitable for medium-large breeds like  Pug, Beagle, Bulldog, Cocker spaniel, Well built Indies and similar sized breeds. 
  • XL is suitable for larger breeds like Golden Retriever, Labrador, German Shepherd, Huskies, Rottweiler similar sized breeds
  • Available in a variety of colors, you're sure to find one that perfectly suits your pet's style.

Ikat Bandana For Dogs and Cats - Sky Blue Color

  • Light handwash by cold water, Air dry and Iron on suitable setting only. 

  • : Due to the nature of fabric, Please note that the actual color may vary slightly from the photo.

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