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  • CONTENTS : Box contains 50 dhoop sticks of size 8.5 x 0.25 cm. It comes with a stand so sticks can easily be hold.
  • NATURAL AND PURE : Made of panchagavya ingredients like cowdung, gomutra, ghee, curd, sandalwood, jatamansi,nagarmottha, kapur kachri, sughandh kokila, guggal sahitya ,attar and 21 natural herbs. Free of artificial and harmful chemicals.
  • SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE : Any Hindu ritual is incomplete without use of dhoop sticks. The aroma makes your surrounding smell good by removing odour, thus creating a clean environment to perform the rituals. It helps your mind to stay calm and lets you concentrate and reduce stress while meditating and worshipping the Lord.
  • MEDICAL SIGNIFICNACE : Not only it has soothing and calming effect on our mind and body, this dhoop has countless benefits of cow dung with it�s anti-bacterial properties. It reduces microbial count and purifies air. It can also be used as mosquito repellant.

Pack of 50 Panchagavya Dhoop Sticks With Stand Holder. For Daily Pooja, Prayers

  • These Dhoop Sticks are very convenient to use.. Keep burning dhup sticks on dhoop stand holder and keep away from flammable articles. Keep on fire proof and heat resistant surface to avoid any mishap.

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