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  • CONTENTS : Box contains 12 panchagavya sabarani dhoop cups of diameter 3 cm. They are ready to use and easy to carry at any spot.
  • NATURAL INGREDIDENTS : They are 100 % natural and pure. Cups are made of panchagavya ingredients. Panchagavya is a group of derivatives of 5 elements obtained from cows which include cow dung, gou mutra, milk, curd, and ghee. They are filled with dhoop masala, mainly loban and guggal. Free of artificial and harmful chemicals
  • SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICNACE : They bring positive energy, thoughts and good health. They increase the purity and spirituality of our home and mind. Use it daily in your prayers or on special occasions and festivities.
  • MEDICAL SIGNIFICNACE : On burning, Panchagavya produces the phenomenal amount of beneficial gases that fight pollution effectively. It purifies air and works as antiseptic as well as a mosquito repellent. Loban and guggal have soothing effect on mind.
  • SUSTAINABLE PRODUCT : It is biodegradable product. After it is lit, the cup too catches fire and it decomposes itself and turns into organic manure without leaving any trace of carbon footprint at all. It is good manure for plants. You can now enjoy festivities without causing any damage to environment.

Panchagavya Sabarani Dhoop Cups. For Auspicious Occasion, Daily Prayers.

  • It is advised to keep a plate provided with dhoop cups or some base below them in order to prevent black stains on the surface. Keep away from flammable surface.

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